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What is Garry's Mod?
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Garry's Mod is sandbox game which runs on games that use Source engine, like Team Fortress 2 and Half-Life 2.  Unlike numerous other online games, it has no objective: players use characters and props from numerous other Source games to pose and create scenes.  As of this, Garry's Mod or Gmod is most famous for creating fan-made minicamps and videos.  As Gmod is multiplayer game andnumerous players could be working on same scene at once in gmod theater.  There’s also support for uploading the custom creations to central database &downloading creations of others. By itself, Gmod is quite safe: what exists is normally what player creates.  However, concerns could arise with user-created content which can be easily downloadable.  Garry's Mod or Gmod could use models from numerous other Source games which areinstalled as well as models which are user-created and can be downloading from Internet.  Such models could be anything, so it’s important to apply same blocking measures that you apply for the Internet browsing in general. There isdiversity of game modes which parents must be aware of about gmod theater.  These are Gmod creations which have been developed into comprehensive games, and could also be unsuitable for some kids.  The most famous game modes are RP or role play modes (Usually set in Half-Life universe), a first-person shooter adapted from Mafia game, and a game of jail-break style. Keep an eye on what user-made creations and models your child downloads in gmod theater.  Although uncommon, there’re plenty of unsuitable player creations on the Internet which anybody can easily download and add to their Garry's Mod database. If your kid plays Garry's Mod for game modes instead of movie making, get knowledge of what a game mode is regarding before permitting your kid to play it.  Numerous game modes are well documented, and a simple search through any search engine with name of game mode could give you lots of information.
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You might have considered questions "Is there such thing as an addiction of video game?" for either yourself or somebody you love. They’ve been playing for numerous hours and seem quite more interested in game than in what’s going on in real life or the school studies. Quick response to such a question is "yes a person could become so addicted to the video games and especially when you talk about the one like gmod free to play which are so enticing that once you begin playing that game you won’t be able to resist yourself to stop". Although that’s a quick answer, it doesn’t explain numerous of issues underlying concerns of video game addiction. Few researchers are already labeling like behavior it as "IAD (Internet Addiction Disorder)". Although few researchers have name for phenomena, they don’t have definitive data supporting 'Internet Addiction Disorder' as diagnosis. Research community is still debating issue. Psychology field often views behavior as connected with the anxiety or depressive disorders, while downplaying addiction aspect. Addiction professionals look at addictive behavior pattern &recognize what they actually see. Body of research which does exist that relates to the video gaming has evolved using criteria for the gambling addictions. The two behaviors usually share very much in common. Addiction experts recognize that a person could become so addicted for a game like gmod free to playto numerous behaviors. Few behaviors have a higher addictive potential as compare to others. Any behavior which could rapidly change the mental state and mood has a potential for strong attachment. Since playing numerous video games often comprises repetitive behavior routines to degree that other areas of an individual’s life are suffering, it shares much in common with numerous other addictions.
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